Celebrity and Model Management

A resounding boom swept through the Media and Fashion industry when Frieha Altaf introduced the concept of Celebrity and Model Managment in the year 1993. Our Celebrity and Model Management skills makes ‘Cats’ one of the most celebrated and reputed agency of its kind that has produced, polished and promoted fresh faces to their long line of talent. Not only do we showcase emerging talent, but simultaneously groom the existing roster as well.

This has been a direct result of Frieha’s lifelong passion for the Glamour Industry that she continues to introduce new concepts, ideas and developments.

The vision of the company is to build up the individual’s image and continue sourcing pristine talent to photographers, designers, ad firms along with any business that needs a face to promote their products and services. An avenue of production, we realize that the celebrities are who bring our projects to life and thus managing them in a conscientious way from the get-go is our utmost priority. We are the ones who have introduced the concept of Celebrity Hospitality to our clients where we go the extra mile to ensure the comfort and vitality of our hired Talent.

Additionally, Cats Model Talent Managements is a full-service agency with divisions including fashion, runway, commercial print, broadcast and fitness. Talent has no barriers and Cats mirrors that perfectly. While based out of Pakistan, Cats handles models and talent across the world.Today, Cats is synonymous with a tempered work ethic, attention to detail and a passion for showcasing talent. The agency's unparalleled ability to manage and book quality talent for all of our clients has been the key to our Success.